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Shopping For Your Real Estate Investment Property


Finding your investment real estate is probably one of your biggest investment, which you are now beginning to realize. By now, you probably know if you want to live in the real estate and rent out part or you are planning to rent it completely out. As you start looking at the market place you will see there are townhouses, small apartment buildings, individual houses, houses with two apartments in, and who knows what else you may discover. As you are deciding what type real estate you need to think about location. Yes, you've heard before about location, location, location. Believe it. Now, this is basically an investment, which means you have to think with your head not your heart. You don't buy in an area because you grew up there and love it or because you've always wanted to live there, or because, because, because. Now first, if you are going to live in part of the investment real estate, that of course, will then play a part in your decision. However, if this is strictly for rental investment, you can't be sentimental - you must think with your head.

How To Find Investment real estate

As you check out areas, in your newspapers (don't forget neighborhood papers), the internet, driving around and of course, real estate agents you need to consider several factors. Location - demand in that area for rental real estate, close to public transportation, shopping, schools, main routes, etc. Also, drive through the area looking at the general appearance , the upkeep of properties, lots of properties for sale (if yes, WHY), etc. You want a location that will keep its value and hopefully go up in value. Certainly, not an area that is decreasing in value. Naturally, you have to beware of price as you are doing all of this evaluation.

Have you checked out auctions? They are listed in your newspapers and on the internet. Caution, first there are requirements you must be aware of ,amount of certified check at time of auction, buyer's fee, when can you view the real estate. It is a good idea to attend an auction or two, without planning to buy, to get the 'feel' of an auction. You either have to be able to evaluate the real estate yourself or take someone with you who has the expertise to do so when you view the real estate. You won't have time to get the real estate inspected, appraised, etc. This is very important!

Shopping For Real Estate

Finding your investment real estate is probably one of your biggest investment, which you are now beginning to realize..

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